Need your help for tool status

Dick Crane rcrane at
Fri Nov 14 15:26:16 PST 2003


We'd like to take a moment to admonish/scream-at/beg-you to please,
please, please use Coral to communicate the status of equipment in the
lab.  There have been several complaints recently of non-functioning
equipment  -- which were not shutdown (or even commented about) on
so that no one, including maintenance, even knew there was a problem.
In fact, someone just
today reportedly had to rework their wafers because a problem on an
alignment tool was recognized by the previous user but not reported on

We staff members rely on Coral to track equipment performance and
problems and manage resources accordingly.  If problems are not reported

on Coral, we don't really have a reliable, traceable record of equipment

uptime/downtime.  So, even if a problem is verbally communicated to the
nearest staff person on-hand, please, please make sure that any issues
are noted, as problems, comments, or shutdowns, as appropriate.  Your
training should cover most contingencies; if you are uncertain about
shutting a tool down, by all means, please consult with a staff person.
Recent upgrades in Coral allow for better use of the comment feature for
non shutdown/problem conditions. The nature of the
shutdown/problem/comment should be listed in the header.
But please note that your responsibility doesn't end there -- staff
members and labmembers alike rely on your feedback to find ways to
continuously improve our lab.

Thanks for your attention and assistance --

Dick Crane and Mary Tang

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