TI DSPS Special "Wireless" Seminar Thur 11/20

Ann Guerra guerra at par.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 14 15:17:01 PST 2003

Digital Signal Processing Systems

  Thursday, November 20, 2003
	   10:30 a.m.

Seminar to be followed by informal discussion with students.

Vice President and Director, DSPS R&D Center, Texas Instruments

Title:   "A Brief Introduction to the DSPS R&D Center of Texas Instruments"

A very brief introduction to TI and the DSPS R&D Center will be given,
followed by a technical presentation by Don Shaver.

Director Communication Systems Laboratory, DSPS R&D Center,
Texas Instruments

Title:  "The Wireless Last Mile - When There's a Will There's a Way"

This talk provides an overview of key technical issues associated with
deploying an affordable, robust, and appealing wireless last mile capability
from a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) perspective. Systems issues including data
rates, quality-of-service (QoS), spectrum allocation, system flexibility,
standardization, interoperability, differentiation from wired solutions,
compatibility with legacy systems, and other factors must be addressed while
making systems level trade-offs leading to a solution with wide
applicability. From a technical perspective, there exist a diverse
combination of adaptive antenna array schemes, modulation, coding, and
protocols meeting the technical and cost requirements of such a system.
However, the motivation to converge to a "single" technical standard largely
depends on the existence of a volume market enabling all stakeholders to
profit quickly. From a semiconductor perspective, for Moore's law to be
enforced, again there must be a phenomenally huge market for all this to
make sense in a sub-micron wafer fabrication facility.

Don Shaver joined Texas Instruments Inc. in 1977. For the past 16 years, Don
has managed leading edge technology development initiatives in TI R&D
organizations including TI's Computer Science Center, TI's Tsukuba R&D
Center, and TI's DSP Solutions R&D Center. Don is currently Director of the
Communications Systems Laboratory within TI's DSP Solutions R&D Center. This
laboratory develops systems-on-a-chip technology (ranging from algorithms to
implementations) for cellular wireless, wireless networking, broadband
wireless access, and wireline communications applications. The
communications lab did early work in cable modem and ADSL modem technology
prior to TI establishing a well-focused Broadband Communications initiative.
This laboratory has technically contributed to a variety of communications
standards including 3GPP/3GPP2/TSG GERAN, ANSI T1E1.4/ITU-T G.992.x/ADSL,
ITU-T G.989.x/HomePNA, IEEE 802.15.3/802.15.3a/UWB, and IEEE 802.11. From
1991 to 1995, Don resided in Japan where he established and was Director of
the Digital Audio and Video Systems Laboratory in TI's Tsukuba R&D Center.
Dr. Shaver is Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Dallas Chapter and has been
an active IEEE member for 34 years.

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