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Mon Nov 17 23:52:59 PST 2003

Hi Labmembers,
I am a second year MBA student at Stanford.  I am looking for on or two
students in the engineering school to form a team to work on a microdevices
(MEMS/nanotech) business plan with me.  More specifically, I'm looking for
people who think that their research has commercial viability and would like
to further explore/flesh out the market research and business model for the
I would like to do this within the context of one of the courses offered
through the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  This course, "S356:
Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities," is basically a course where you
write a business plan for a new idea.  More detailed information can be
found at
<> .
The final team needs to be 4-5 students total -- I'm still looking for the
right 2-3 business school students to round out the team.  Teams can enroll
in the course only through a special application process.  A one-page
team/idea description is due on December 1, 2003.  The course will take
place in the Winter and Spring quarters.
For an idea of my background, I was involved in MEMS prior to business
school -- I worked at JPL (Microdevices Laboratory) and at two MEMS-based
start-ups.  I also previously have been a user at SNF.
Any interested parties should send me an e-mail ASAP since the deadline for
application to this class is fast approaching.  My email address is
<mailto:scalf_jennifer at> scalf_jennifer at
Thanks very much,
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