New project and account names ....

John Shott shott at
Mon Oct 6 07:37:23 PDT 2003

SNF Lab Members:

This morning we converted the Coral database to use new project names and 
account numbers.  While we have tested this conversion extensively in hopes of 
inconveniencing as few of you as possible, there may be a handful of you who 
either cannot start Coral or who still see your old style project and account 
names.  If this happens to you, please send e-mail to coral at 
and we will work to fix this problem as quickly as possible.

To make sure that you are not affected at a critical time, you may want to 
fire up Coral to test things out in advance of really needing it.
The easiest way to test this out is to begin to make a reservation ... The 
popup window includes a pulldown window labelled "Project:".
This should now include your company name, if you are an industrial user, and 
a name tht looks like "faculty_name (Project Name)" if you are a Stanford 
student, and a name that looks like "University_name (faculty)" if you are a 
non-Stanford student.

If you select each of your projects, you should see an account number that 
looks like: 1234567-123-ABCDE .... 7-digits, a hyphen, from 1 to 8 more 
digits, another hyphen, and 5 capital letters.

If you see the old style 2DPG400, 9VAV789 project or account number, something 
needs to be fixed in your records.  If you see any of these, please let us 
know ... we need to address this quickly because the old style numbers are no 
longer valid and will ALL be turned off in a day or two.

Thank you for your support,


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