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Please help me broadcast this announcement to the SNF labmembers. Thanks
a lot!!



As an appreciation to Prof. Nishi’s as our honored speaker, NATEA and
IEEE would like to offer a special registration rate for SNF members who
will participate in the nanotechnology symposium.

1. All SNF members will receive members’ discount for registration in
this symposium.

Please check “IEEE or SNF member” box and enter “SNF” as the ID when
doing on-line registration
at http://www.natea.org/sv/events/2004/NFIT/nfit_2004.php

2. A specialfree admission (without lunch) is offered for
all SNFstudents.Please register through me by e-mail me for signing up
the symposium with this offer.

Attached please find a copy of the flyer for your information.


                   Semiconductors to Nanotechnology -

                         The Coming Convergence

                    6th IEEE/NATEA Annual Conference

               2004 New Frontier in Computing Technology

 4/17/2004, Braun Auditorium, Stanford University

I.E.E.E. (the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers) and
N.A.T.E.A. (North American Taiwanese Engineers Association) share a
common interest in providing their members significant technical
information in a timely fashion. Members of both organizations often
feel the lack of solid technical background on emerging technologies and
do not possess time or funding to attend expensive commercial or
academic courses. As a solution to this problem local chapters of both
N.A.T.E.A and the I.E.E.E. Computer Society have joined resources over
the last six years to provide an annual one day conference on an
emerging technology.

By gathering a panel of noted experts in a given technical area and
having them cover the salient technical issues on a given topic this
inexpensive one day conference provides individual members with enough
information to make informed decisions regarding a given technology.
This is the conference’s sole aim – to provide members with the kind of
technical background that allows them to cope with an increasing mass of
new information in an organized and effective way.

This year we plan to cover the march towards nanotechnology from
traditional semiconductor technology. What is happening in this
transformation and how fast it is happening are critical questions. The
answer or the beginning of an answer to these questions will be
addressed by a panel of noted experts from academic and quasi public
research facilities as well as private companies.

In this conference we hope to provide an overview covering key areas of
this ongoing transformation – Design, Shrinking Semiconductors, the
crossover point to nanocircuitry, existing commercial ventures will
provide unique and important perspective on this issue.

For registration, please go to

                               Program Overviews

Time     Topics                             Speaker

8:00     Registration

9:00     Opening Remark
9:15     Nanotechnology: Opportunities and  Dr.MeyyaMeyyappan
                                            Director, Nanotech Program,

10:00    Nanosystems Design                 Dr. K. Eric Drexler

                                            Chairman, Foresight Institute

                                            Author, ‘Nanosystems’ 1992
10:45    Break
11:00    Chemistry and Physics of           Prof. Peidong Yang
         Semiconductor Nanowires
                                            University of California, Berkeley
11:45    Lunch Break
13:00    Non-Volatile Memory Technology –   Dr. Stefan Lai
         Moving into the Nanotechnology Age
                                            Vice President, Technology and
                                            Manufacturing Group

                                            Intel Corp
13:45    Integrating Semiconductor          Prof. L. C. Chen
         Technology with Carbon Nanotubes
         and Related Nanostructures         Research Fellow and professor,
                                            National Taiwan University, Taiwan
14:30    Break
14:45    IC Technology, Past, Present, and  Prof. Yoshio Nishi
         Future, and the Needs from
         Microelectronics to                Director, Stanford Nano
         Nanoelectronics                    Fabrication Facility, Stanford

Eaden Saw
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