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Wed Apr 21 07:41:09 PDT 2004

Hi all --

It's the second and last day of the open house, so I'm here to make the

If you've ever wondered:

- What is it that Paul, Pat, and Astrid are doing with those THICK
- Why DOES Kevin roll in a cart FULL of electronic equipment every time
he comes into the lab?
- What exactly IS it that Eric P does (or is there anything that he
doesn't do in the lab)?
- What does Julia do, in between performing concert solos with
symphonies?  (Next concert, May 1.)
- And what is CIS versus SNF?

Secrets will be revealed in the CISX Auditorium today.

Other Open House highlights:

- Suss reveals a newly developed technology for low-temperature (200
C??!!) fusion bonding for clean substrates (and yes, the
ksbonder is clean and is running, thanks to Colby, et al.)  Abstract
- Tas Tousimis, pioneer in table top critical point drying, will talk
about the history of CPD and share some insights about process
MEMS and doing cleans.
- Shipley will discuss its line of chemicals, many of which will be
introduced into the lab soon.  This is your chance to see what's
available and have your say about what you'd like to see in the lab!
- EV will talk about nanoimprinting -- especially relevant for us, as EV
is very generously donating (yes, donating!) a nanoimprint
system to SNF.  This tool does aligned  UV-flash nanoimprint and aligned
stamping of chemical inks/molecular monolayers.   (It's
due to arrive in July -- and we really want to recruit labmembers to put
this system to the test!)
- At the trade show, Technical Instruments has the COOLEST "toys"
(nanomanipulators and other optical systems - and they let
ANYONE drive them!)

And one of the coolest things:  Ann Marshall and her gang over at the
SNL are giving tours and demos of their labs.
(The poster session is also there.)  If you missed Bob Sinclair's or
Kyunhoon Min's presentations yesterday, you missed some of the
most amazing -- and truly nanoscale -- images ever produced at
Stanford.  (And there will be another chance to see the FIB in
action, when  Dan Pickard, Dr. Gadget himself, presents today.)

And here's Suss' wafer bonding abstract:
Low Temperature Fusion Wafer Level Bonding
A novel method of surface activation and direct wafer bonding for the
manufacture of MEMS, opto-electronics, 3D packaging, and
CMOS-MEMS devices will be discussed. The new SUSS patent pending
technology reduces process temperatures from above
1000°C down to 200°C allowing new applications for wafer level
integration, low temperature hermetic sealing and the creation of
semiconductor materials such as silicon on insulator (SOI), III-V
compounds and strained silicon
using direct wafer bonding.

Hope to see you here!


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