Building evacuation 4.28.04

Dick Crane rcrane at
Wed Apr 28 15:48:38 PDT 2004

Hello building dwellers and lab users,

Today, Wednesday, April 28, at a few minutes before noon, the SNF fab
and CIS and CISX buildings were evacuated due to a toxic gas sensor
alarm. The alarm was false, no toxic gases were involved. I am quite
certain the alarm was caused by boiler start-up activities at the
Cardinal Co-Gen power plant next door to us.

Several gas detectors in the CISX building and in the toxic vault
simultaneously indicated the presence of a hydride type gas with one
detector exceeding its trip point of 50ppb. Looking at the detector
history revealed  a pattern which fit the co-gen plant's start-up
activities. I will be in contact with the co-gen's operators to further
explore what happened and to take measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

Thanks for your patience,

Dick Crane
SNF Operations Manager

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