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Ke Wang curlwang at
Thu Aug 5 14:33:58 PDT 2004

Hello All,

I sent out an email asking about multi-layer thin film thickness
and thermal stress. Thanks for all the responses! Here's a summary of what
I got.


Z.Q. Jiang et al., Thermal Stresses in Layered Electronic Assemblies. ASME
J. of Electronic Packaging, Vol 119(1997), pp.127-132.

Microsystem design" writen by Stephen D. Senturia, Kluwer Academic
Publishers. " Part III"

MSE 353 (Mechanical properties of thin films) and MSE 352 (thin film
stress analysis) class notes


-Use formula t1*s1+t2*s2+t3*s3+...=0 (t: film thickness; s: stress) to
design stress compensated film stack;

-the stress of each film is linearly proportion to the thickness

-room temperature depositions

Hope this would be useful to your research!


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