Plastic/Glass Micro-Channel Chip Companies/Vendors/Foundries

Kevin Dean Ness ness at
Wed Aug 11 22:23:11 PDT 2004

I could use some help identifying possible vendors or commercial foundries
to fabricate micro-channel plastic and/or glass chips.

Any names of companies you can recommend would be very helpful.

For those interested in more details about my specific requirements please
read below.

Thanks in advance for your help...

Kevin Ness

I will send them the mask layout for fluidic port locations (~500 um
diameter) and the micro-channel top view layout (micro-channel details --
rectangular geometry ~50 um deep x ~500 um wide).

I would like them to fab fluid ports in top layer, fab u-channels in the
bottom layer and fuse/bond the two layers together.

If possible I would like electrodes fabricated in the fluid wells (for
E-field) and the ability (NOT NECESSARY) to perform metalization (before
bonding) at the bonded interface for temperature sensing and actuation.

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