Calibration standard for scanning probe microscope

Lisa Yoonjoo Hwang lyhwang at
Tue Aug 31 15:50:17 PDT 2004


I'm a graduate student in Curt Frank's group in Chemical Engineering.  I
am in charge of maintaining and calibrating our DI Nanoscope AFMs.  I was
wondering if anyone has calibration standards we could borrow for a day or
two.  Specifically, we'd like to find high accuracy vertical calibration
standards.  We currently have vertical standards of SiO2 steps with +/-
1nm accuracy step heights, but we'd like to calibrate our scanners to even
higher accuracy (down to angstroms) since we have features on the order of
a few nanometers that we'd like to characterize.

If you have standards we might be able to borrow (or advice or
suggestions), please contact me at this email or at 650-723-9140 and it
would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Hwang

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