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Dear Dr. Nishi,
I am very concerned about another major fee increase in the near future
and its impact on our budget situation.
For the past several years SNF fee has been increasing at a rate of 7%
or more every year. It is like a "Moore's law" in SNF fee. This rate of
increase is much faster than inflation, because inflation is now very
close to zero. Considering the fact that every company and university
have cut back severely to make spending in line with revenue and so many
products and services have become much cheaper instead of more
expensive, isn't it sensible for SNF to look for ways to curb spending
first instead of automatically asking users to pay more? 


Ben Jian
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Subject: SNF Users

To all users of the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility


As you know, the SNF lab is a premier institution for the fabrication of
silicon and micromachined devices.  Academic and industry research has
been carried out in this facility for more than 18 years.  The cost of
processing has been kept at a low level to encourage experimentation and


As most of you know, the charging structure for the lab has remained
unchanged for two years.  During that time, the cost of materials,
gasses and salaries has risen, in many cases, in excess of the rate of
inflation.  For this reason, our budget expenses have fallen behind the
revenue collected from the lab user fees.  The University requires SNF
to balance the budget, so the staff is considering small changes to the
fee structure in order to continue to improve the lab capability while
achieving revenue commensurate with the costs of the facility.  These
will be presented to the faculty advisory board in July for their review
and implementation at the beginning of the SNF physical year September


We wanted to give all of you an early warning to these changes.  I
expect that even with these changes, SNF will remain a great "bargain"
as well as a vibrant place for the development of new ideas and








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