Missing Coral Reservations?

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 8 09:57:15 PDT 2004

SNF Lab Members:

We've had a report of "missing" or "disappearing" Coral reservations.  In order to try to track this down, I've increased the level of logging on the server side to help in diagnosing this problem.  In order to implement that change, I will need to restart the Coral servers a bit later this morning.

A bit later, I will likely make equivalent changes to the Coral clients.

In the meantime, if you think that you are experiencing a problem of this sort, it would be most useful if you can contact me with information including:
    1. When you made the reservation.
    2. The machine and time span you were trying to reserve.
    3. Whether the reservation was made using local or remote Coral.
    4. When you discovered that the reservation was missing.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and will do our best to resolve any software problems in a timely fashion.

Thanks for your continued support,

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