Welcome Ed Myers

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Fri Jul 16 16:13:02 PDT 2004

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ed Myers to the SNF 
staff.  Ed is reporting to me with the charter of supporting processes and 
users in the facility.  Many of you may already be familiar with Ed, since 
he has been a user of SNF for the past two years while he worked at 
GenoRx.  Ed got his PhD at North Carolina State University and spent 9 
years at National Semiconductor.  In 1997 he joined Candescent Technologies 
and 2001 to 2002 he worked at dpiX.  Ed's experience includes a variety of 
CVD technology including TiN, Si-Ge, and ferroelectrics.

Ed is a great addition to the SNF staff.  You can contact him via e-mail at 
edmyers at stanford.edu.


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