adhesion layer for highly reflective Au mirror

Zhilong Rao zlrao at
Sun Jun 20 23:21:03 PDT 2004

Dear labmembers,

I am considering depositing about 200nm Au film onto fused silica substrate and using the SiO2/Au interface as a highly reflective mirror operating at  lambda~980nm. The problem is that Au peels off easily from SiO2 without adhesion layer. However, typical adhesion layer like Ti and Cr has relatively low reflectivity.  Does anyone know any other metal that can help Au adhering to SiO2 and has high reflectivity  at  980nm?  

One potential material other than metal is TiO2. Does anyone know whether there is any equipment here at Stanford that can provide deposition of amorphous TiO2? Or, is there a company nearby that can provide this service? Also, does anyone know where to find out the refractive index of amorphous TiO2 at around 980nm?

Your input to any of the above questions would be highly appreciated.


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