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Tue Jun 22 07:09:21 PDT 2004

SNF Lab Members:

We have a new set of capabilities in Coral that I'd like to tell you a bit about.

First and foremost is the new reservation policy manager ... this allows us to define and enforce equipment-specific rules for reserving equipment that will, hopefully, allow better sharing of equipment in SNF.  You will notice that with only a couple of exceptions (raith and innotec, I think) the reservation horizon has been returned to seven days.

In general, making or deleting a reservation will be no different than it has been in the past.  If a reservation is denied, however, you should get a more detailed message than you did in the past explaining why your reservation was denied.  If you want to see what reservations apply to any piece of equipment, you can click on the new "Policy" tab on the Coral client.  This shows a hierarchy of all of the reservation rules.  Furthermore, if you select any piece of equipment on the equipment hierarchy, the policies that are applicable to that piece of equipment will be highlighted in green.

While we have tried to name the individual policies so that they are somewhat self-explanatory, if you click on any one of the policies, you should see a description of exactly what that rule enforces in the lower right corner of the policy panel.  Additionally, you will see the machines to which that rule applies in the upper right corner of the policy panel.  If the rule is listed as applying to "SNF" it is a default rule that applies to all pieces of equipment unless it is specifically overridden on a particular piece of equipment.

We have also added 2 new icons ... 

There is an icon that has an orange light where the red light is supposed to be.  This means that this piece of equipment has a required facility that is unavailable ... and it means that you cannot enable it.  Note: in the past, if a piece of required supporting equipment was shutdown, you could not enable it either ... but you got no visible indication that there was a problem.

The second icon has an orange light in the place where the yellow problem light normally goes.  This means that an optional piece of supporting equipment is shutdown ... however, because that equipment is optional, you may still enable the piece of equipment just as you can still enable a piece of equipment that is in a problem condition.

We hope that these enhancements to the Coral system will be of use to you.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, please send them to coral at

Thank you for your continued support,

Team Coral

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