New virus/hoax warning ...

John Shott shott at
Wed Mar 3 06:24:23 PST 2004

SNF Lab Members:

There seems to be a virus/hoax circulating that, at first glance, appears to
be coming from a legitimate sender or mailing list. If you receive one of
these suspicious messages, you should definitely NOT open the attachment
that it claims will protect you.

A typical message might look like:

	Your e-mail account has  been temporary  disabled because  of
unauthorized access.

	For more information see  the attached  file.

	Attached file protected  with the  password for security reasons.  
	Password is 84877.

I've receive messages of this type from two different sources in the last
24-hours: one of them appears to be from a legitimate service organization
on campus and the other appears to be from a legitimate non-Stanford
technical mailing list to which I subscribe.

Please be careful and don't open any attachments with messages of this type.

Thanks for your attention,


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