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Sun Mar 28 11:48:16 PST 2004

SNF Lab Members:
Several of you have pointed out that the previous version of Star Office was
broken in that it reported an expired licence.
We have now downloaded and installed the latest version of Star Office
(version 7) that should be a permanent installation that will not expire.
You will find that there is a Star Office icon at the left end of the task
bar (at the bottom of your screen) that can be used to start up Star Office.
The first time that you do this, it will take you through a short (~5
minute) installation sequence.
There are only two things to watch out for:
1. At one point, it will ask you whether you want to perform a Workstation
Install (that, I think, consumes only 1.5 MB of disk space) or a Local
Install (that consumes something like 360 MB of space).  Please choose the
Workstation (1.5 MB) option.  There are no advantages to the Local Install
option ... and we will remove any full installs of this type without asking
ahead of time.
2. Near the end, it will warn you about not having installed the Adabas
database ... we do not have nor will we support this database so please
ignore this warning.
Please let me know if you have any problems installing or using Star Office.
If you are unfamiliar with Star Office, it is based on Open Office that is
an open source software package that behaves much like Microsoft Word and
Excel ... but runs on virtually all platforms and operating systems.  In
particular, it is capable of reading and writing both *.doc and *.xls files
that may be transferred from/to Windows platforms.

Thanks for your continued support,

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