New 2005 SNF Fee Schedule

Yoshio Nishi nishiy at
Tue Nov 30 16:32:46 PST 2004

To Industrial and Academic Users of SNF, 

I would like to thank those of you who attended yesterday's faculty
advisory meeting which included a number of executive attendees from the
industrial user community.  There were many good suggestions and
continued discussion about the serious financial shortfall of our Lab.
As we discussed, our Lab is running at a deficit of $60k per month on
$300,000 of revenue. Paul Rissman and the SNF staff have investigated
several methods to reduce costs and to raise the fab usage rates to
increase revenue and balance the budget. Cost reduction measures take
time, and unfortunately we simply cannot continue to run any longer with
such a serious shortfall. At this point we must make difficult decisions
and move forward. 

As such, I have decided that effective January 1, 2005 we will increase
the monthly cap for academic users from $1656 to $1940 (21.33 hours to
25 hours cap) and for the industrial users from $3312 to $4657.50 (21.33
hours to 30 hours cap). The hourly charge for equipment usage will
remain at its present level. In addition, we will institute a "notch
cap" for all users. The notch cap means we will charge at 10% the normal
rate for more than 160 hours of equipment usage in a given month. The
notch cap may not generate significant revenue, but we expect it will
curb abuses of the cap system that many of you have complained about.
We anticipate the notch cap will make equipment more readily available
for more labmembers.

I hope that in the next four weeks, you can calculate the effect of this
change on your monthly expenses and if necessary make changes to your
plans. I understand only too well the difficulty that this rate change
presents: my own budget and project goals for my research group will
likewise be affected.  Please understand that even with this rate
increase, at the current rate of lab usage, we expect that the budget
will still not become balanced this year. I want to assure you that
several other additional, and difficult, cost-cutting measures are being
taken which should allow us to reach a balanced budget in FY2006.
However, we absolutely need to get our organization in order financially
so we can continue to provide you with the resources you need to get
your work done. 

I trust that you value SNF as a resource and a community as much as I
do. I ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult
period and I appreciate your continued support.

Yoshio Nishi

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