NanoSpecs Service Complete

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Oct 29 11:21:45 PDT 2004

After a days delay, Nanometrics has completed servicing of our 
NanoSpecs.  Field service was able to get 2 of the 3 systems tuned up and 
running.  All the systems were optically aligned and calibrated.  We should 
have repeatable measurements as long as we don't abuse the systems.

I also had field service install and align the UV source on the NanoSpec in 
the Litho area.  UV is used for measuring thin films <100 Angstroms.  If 
you have a need for this option please let me know, since we will not be 
leaving the light source on.

We could not repair the third system due to failure of the terminal.  We 
can purchase a refurbished terminal for a third party.  However Nanometrics 
imbeds their own firmware, which most likely is no longer 
available.  Collectively we should decide if the time, dollars and labor to 
get the system functional will be valued added for the facility.

Ed Myers

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