The newly installed version of Coral ...

John Shott shott at
Sat Oct 30 10:29:18 PDT 2004

SNF Lab Members:

We successfully installed a new version of Coral this morning.  This 
will mean that Remote Coral clients will download a new set of files.  
Because it will download a new version of the package that we use to 
encrypt/decrypt your remote passwords, it will pop up a window if you 
want to install a library from "The Legion of the Bouncy Castle".  While 
that name does not sound terribly professional, it IS a legitimate group 
and, I believe, that largest supplier of open source cryptography products.

Many of the changes in this release are features that will help our 
staff to keep track of members, projects, and accounts.  It also allows 
them to correct some of those "Oops, I forgot to disable ...." events.

It will allow the ability to do simple searching for members on the 
"Resources" page based on their first name, last name, login name, etc.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with this latest 
version of Coral.

Thank you for your continued support,


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