Pacific Nanotechnology AFM Demo at SNF

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Sep 8 08:22:41 PDT 2004


Atomic Force Microscope

Pacific Nanotechnology is sponsoring an all day forum with hands on 
demonstration on our Nano R.
Wednesday Sept. 15th 2004 from 10-4 PM.
Stanford University
Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Building
Stanford, Ca 94305
in Room CIS101

Applications of the Atomic Force Microscope to Nanotechnology---10:00-10:20am

Introduction to Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc. Products---- 10:20-10:40am

Live Instrument Demonstration of the Nano-R™ Atomic Force 
Microscope--Please bring your sample-10:45-4:00pm

Lunch will served.
If you are interested in attending this seminar, please RSVP to Ed Myers at 
1-650-725-4702 or email Ed Myers at 
<mailto:edmyers at>edmyers at
Please confirm with Ed Myers if you would like to bring a sample. Depending 
on time, all samples may not get imaged.
Note: If you do not wish to receive PNI newsletters, please email us at 
<mailto:info at>info at with unsubscribe 
in the subject line.

Nano-R™ Atomic Force Microscope

The Nano-R™ is a general purpose atomic force microscope (AFM) for making 
routine images on structures with nanometer sized features. Because the 
Nano-R™ can be used with two versions of image acquisition software, 
X'Pert™ software and EZMode™, it is optimized for novices, casual users, 
and routine users. Further, the Nano-R™ is supplied with the most commonly 
used AFM modes including contact, lateral force, material sensing, 
non-contact and close contact mode. The three primary subsystems of the 
Nano-R™ AFM are the master computer, a control unit, and the Nano-R™ stage.

Nano-R™ Atomic Force Microscope Enlarged
The Pacific Nanotechnology Nano-R™ AFM sets a new standard in atomic force 
microscopy for nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanoinspection applications. 
It is designed to make the highest quality images and measurements of 
materials and structures with nanometer scale dimensions. The Nano-R™ is 
ideal for both independent researchers and for research teams that want to 
share an AFM.

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