cnri/mems-exchange microscope

Michael Deal mdeal at
Wed Sep 8 08:23:48 PDT 2004

SNF Labmembers,
      Many of you have been asking about using the CNRI/MEMS-Exchange 
microscope (Leica INM200) that is currently located in the AFM room of the 
cleanroom.  This microscope was brought in as part of the MEMS-Exchange 
program, in which SNF staff (primarily Nancy Latta) does remote processing 
for MEMS-Exchange users (see  The microscope is on 
loan to us from CNRI for use in that program.  In the past, the people at 
CNRI said that SNF labmembers could use the microscope when it isn't being 
used by MEMS-Exchange users.  However, they required SNF labmembers to 
first register with CNRI, which did not always happen in a timely or 
convenient manner.
      I am glad to announce that SNF labmembers can now use the microscope 
without needing to register.   We will try this on an experimental 
basis.  If damage is done to the microscope or is otherwise abused, then we 
will discontinue this.  But in the meantime, if you wish to use the 
microscope to view your samples and acquire jpg images, you may do so. You 
will need to enable it on Coral ("cnri-scope"), but there will be no 
equipment charge for it.   The instructions for its use will be posted near 
the microscope.  Note that the operation of the scope is a combination of 
manual and web-based controls.
     If you have any problems or questions, contact Mike Deal 
(mdeal at or Jim McVittie (mcvittie at

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