FYI: Frontiers in Nanoscale Science and Technology Workshop

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Hello all --

In case you're interested -- travel grants available to students....

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Subject: Frontiers in Nanoscale Science and Technology Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

At the NNIN REU convocation at Penn State, I mentioned an opportunity
for graduate students in the areas of coherent electronics, quantum
information processing and quantum optoelectronics to present a poster
at and attend the workshop described below October 25-26 at Harvard
University. Students who present a poster are eligible for travel
scholarships. Please remind interested graduate students that they
should submit a poster by September 20 to be eligible for travel funds.

I have also attached a pdf announcement for the workshop. Thank you for
advertising this opportunity to your students.

Best regards,


We are pleased to announce an International Workshop sponsored by the
Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center based at Harvard, with the
University of Tokyo and Delft University of Technology.

<?bigger>NSEC Frontiers in Nanoscale Science and Technology:

Coherent Electronics,
Quantum Information Processing and
Quantum Optoelectronics

October 25-26, 2004

The speakers include: Gerhard Abstreiter (TU Munchen), Yashuhiko Arakawa
(U Tokyo), Raymond Ashoori (MIT), David Awschalom (UCSB) Moungi Bawendi
(MIT), Leonid Glazman (U Minnesota), Bertrand I. Halperin (Harvard),
Toshiaki Hayashi (NTT), Yoshiro Hirayama (NTT), Leo Kouwenhoven (TU
Delft), Daniel Loss (Uni Basel), Mikhail Lukin (Harvard), Charles Marcus
(Harvard), Venky Narayanamurti (Harvard), Hongkun Park (Harvard),
Hiroyuki Sakaki (IIS, U Tokyo), Robert Schoelkopf (Yale), Seigo Tarucha
(U Tokyo) and Robert Westervelt (Harvard).

To register or learn more about student scholarships please go to:
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