FW: Stanford Workshop: Probing the Nanoscale-2nd Notice

Jane Edwards edwardsj at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 11 20:23:41 PDT 2005

Subject: Workshop: Probing the Nanoscale

The Center for Probing the Nanoscale (CPN)
An NSF Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center, a Joint Venture of Stanford
University and IBM Research Labs
First Annual Workshop: Probing the Nanoscale
Sunday, May 8, 2005

April 9, 2005 - Second Notice

You are cordially invited to attend CPN's inaugural event: Probing the
Nanoscale, a one-day workshop on challenges and approaches to
visualizing nanoscale structures.  Hear talks by leading experts from
industry and academia. Meet CPN investigators and the broader
Bay Area community interested in nanoscale imaging and metrology.

Location: Bloch Lecture Hall of the William R. Hewlett Teaching
Center, 730 Serra Mall, Science and Engineering Quad at Stanford

Hours: 8:30-6, with continental breakfast and box lunch included. There will
be a poster session from 4-6, during which tasty, light fare will be served.

Speakers include:

Dr. Storrs Hoen, Agilent Laboratories, "An Approach to High-Speed Atomic
Force Microscopy"

Professor Olav Solgaard, Stanford Univ. Electrical Engineering Dept, Solid
State Photonics Lab, "Time Resolved Measurements of Tip-Sample Interaction
Forces in Tapping-Mode AFM"

Dr. Susan Holl, Intel, "Metrology Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry"

Dr. Michael Mermelstein, Umech, "Trends in Computer-Enabled Optical

Professor Davis Baird, Dept. of Philosophy and NanoCenter, University of
South Carolina, "On Nano Movies"

Linda Chao, Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing, "Technology
Licensing at Stanford University"

Dr. Steve Minne, Veeco, "Designing for Technology Transfer"

Dr. Dieter Weller, Seagate Recording Media Operations, "Metrology Needs in
the Magnetic Recording Industry"

Register online NOW!

Questions: Laraine Lietz-Lucas, lietz at stanford.edu


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