missing camera

daniel.francis at group4labs.com daniel.francis at group4labs.com
Thu Apr 14 12:15:28 PDT 2005

Dear labmembers

I forgot my camera (digital Fuji S-3000, with my phone number 510 579 6859 on the
lens cover and body) in the lab last night across from wbgaas and this morning it
was missing.  If anyone moved it or otherwise could you please return it to me or

I have all the pictures from my son's birthday party, and would hate to do w/o
them.  Also, it has been a bad week for me, someone just took my motorcycle for a
joy ride, and left it nearly unrecognizable.

So, make my week, drop it off in the lab or with Maureen or call me or put it
back or if you see it somewhere in the lab give me a call or send me an email or....

Sorry for the mass mailing, and I appreciate any help.

Daniel Francis
daniel at francis.com
510 579 6859

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