Fw: Had anyone done any dry etching with Lithium niobate in CIS?

xpxie at stanford.edu xpxie at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 28 21:15:50 PST 2005

 Hello, group,

 Had anyone done any dry etching on lithium niobate wafers to create
structures such as ridge waveguides? I was wondering which dry etching
machine in CIS is appropriate for it: Amtetcher, Drytek, MRC or else?

 From literature, the best etchant could be CCl2F2 and the mask could be Cr,
Ni or photoresist. CF4+O2, or CHF3 may also work well as the etchant. I need
to etch at least 2.5um deep trenches. The etching rate and etching condition
would need to try out after a machine is selected.

 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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