Furnace area shutdown August 15

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 5 09:53:49 PDT 2005

  Fab users, a friendly reminder

Furnace area disruption alert, August 15, 2005, two weeks duration,

The next step to modernize the diffusion furnaces will happen this 
summer. Tylan bank 4 will be replaced by Thermco Bank 2. This upgrade 
will require a shutdown of thermco furnace bank 1 and tylan banks 2, 3, 
and 4 for two weeks starting around August 15. I believe the two weeks 
quoted is generous and the actual time may be less than 1 1/2 weeks. 
This schedule should avoid conflict with IEDM and MEMS conference paper 
deadlines and has the support of Mechanical Engineering Dept. and the 
Solid State and Photonics Labs.

Please plan ahead for your furnace needs. The process group has located 
possible alternative furnace resources. More information will follow.

Thank you for your patience and support,



The Thermco Bank 2 installation requires the bank 1-4 process and house 
gases to be turned off and lines purge to allow repositioning of 
existing gas lines and adding a few new tie-ins. The existing Tylan 
furnace can not be moved until the gas lines are cut. Since the toxic 
and house gases are regulated by Santa Clara County Building and 
Environmental Departments, all work must be tested and inspected 
according to their timetable. We will complete as much preliminary work 
as possible prior to shutting down gases. To minimize the downtime, we 
will be installing a new valve box servicing the toxic gas lines. Once 
installed, this action will allow the other furnaces to operate without 
concern of future Thermco Bank 2 installation activities.

This action will affect the following tubes: (bank1) thermco1, thermco2, 
thermconitride1, thermcopoly1, (bank2) tylan5 (boron), tylan6 
(phosphorous), teos2, tylansige, (bank3) tylanpoly, tylannitride, 
tylanbpsg, tylanfga, (bank4) tystar, teos.

Tylan bank 1, the tylan oxidation furnaces, will not be affected by this 

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