Etching Silicon with Nitride on it

jim kruger jimkruger at
Tue Jul 12 06:27:22 PDT 2005

I have had good experience recently using only Cr on
nitride2 to stop HF-Nitric-Acetic.  200 A Cr seemed to
work OK with both H:N:A 5-2-3  (very fast for Si) and
5-2-13 (much slower).  I recommend verification before
committing critcal parts.

KOH would probaby etch the laser deposited Si
anisotropically, perhaps with better selectivity to
nitride2.  You did not specify which nitride you wish
to protect.


--- Vidya V <vidyagv at> wrote:

> Hi ,
>    I am trying to etch Silicon which is deposited on
> silicon nitride
> using HF:HNO3:DI water (Isotropic etch). I would
> like to protect my
> nitride layer beneath my silicon while etching.(I
> have deposited my
> silicon using laser ablation). I had used
> gold-chrome layer to protect
> my nitride, but the problem is that my silicon
> doesnt stick properly
> on gold. Can anyone suggest an etch stop for silicon
> nitirde while
> using the isotropic etchant?
>                                         regards,
> Vidya

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