Probe Station Abuse ....

John Shott shott at
Mon May 2 13:12:36 PDT 2005

SNF Lab Members:

I just took a look at the Micromanipulator probe station in CIS 151 and 
found that someone has seriously dismantled and damaged that instrument. 
  In particular, someone has removed the rod that engages/disengages the 
coarse up/down mechanism.  In removing that piece, they badly bent it. 
I also can't find the round push button that is used to release the 
up/down mechanism.

Someone clearly knows what happened to this ... because it took some 
serious effort to remove this piece.  That person had best contact me as 
soon as possible to  explain themselves.  Until that happens and until 
we can fix it, SNF no longer has any probing capability for general use. 
  If you didn't break it ... but know who did ... you may want to 
contact me as well because nothing is going to happen to repair that 
probe station until I've spoken with the person or persons who damaged 
this and fully understand what their reasoning process was.


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