Disruption of hepa airflow next week

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Tue May 10 08:37:25 PDT 2005

Fab users,

HEPA air flow (the clean, particle free air from the ceiling filters) 
will be disrupted for one to two hours, in the morning next week, on 
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, while Facilities and Operations checks 
and/or replaces fan belts. The air for the cleanroom is supplied by ten 
separate transfer fans. Only one fan will be shut down at a time, so the 
disruption should be minimal. If you need to execute a procedure which 
is particle critical you may wish to delay until later in the morning. 
Fan work should take less than one hour, but may take up to two hours. 
Current status will be posted at the fab entrance door.

Shutdown schedule:
Monday, May 16, 0700-0900,  litho area, all aisles.
Tuesday, May 17, 0700-0900, AG4110, Implant, Tylan oxidation, Innotec 
aisle, etch, diffusion furnaces, LPCVDs.
Wednesday, May 18, 0700-0900, Gowning, Metallica aisle, STSetch aisle, 
Metrology, Micronic.

Thanks for your patience,


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