Building Evacuation Point

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Nov 9 09:11:12 PST 2005

Greeting labmembers --

Unless you've been in the lab for more than 24 hours straight, you've
probably noticed that the CIS/CISX building is surrounded on two sides by
an awful lot of construction (or for now, deconstruction).  A couple of the
more astute labmembers even noticed that the construction appears to block
access to the official Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP), located near the
parking spot of our favorite orange mini-forklift, by Ginzton.

Please be reassured that this EAP is still our official building evacuation
meeting site.  There will be limited access just for today, because of the
construction -- but after today, the construction people will set up and
maintain direct access from CIS to the EAP, at the point where the two
construction roads meet.  You can also reach the EAP by going around the
construction zones (there is still sidewalk access on either side of the

Your lab safety committee (safety at

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