Lost Wafer Holder for KOH Etch --- Still Missing!

Pei-Chen Su peichen at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 11 15:59:50 PST 2005

Dear labmembers,

We are still having trouble looking for our 4" wafer holder for Si wet
etching. I attach again the picture of a similar one. The missing one looks
same to the one in the picture except the handle is slightly different. 

This holder was ordered from a German company with the company AMMT on it. I
believe that when it was missing, the body of the holder, the top-cover, six
screws, together with 1 spare screw and 3 spare O-rings, were all put inside
a zip bag. 

Since this is such a pricy piece and we use this holder heavily, we really
really hope that this missing holder can come back to us. Although it's been
missing for 2 months, we would still greatly appreciate that if you can help
us find it.

Thank you for your help,

Best regards, 

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Hello All,
I have lost/misplaced a 4" wafer holder used to protect the backside of a
wafer during KOH silicon etching.  The holder was last seen 2-3 weeks ago;
it was most likely left on the bench across from wet bench general.  It is
not in any of the Lost and Found bins.  If you have seen this holder, please
let me know.  I've attached a picture of a similar holder, so you can see
what it looks like. Although it seems like a simple piece, it comes from
Europe and costs several thousand dollars, so helping me find it would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
kcrabb at stanford.edu
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