wax for KOH etch

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 14 16:19:22 PST 2005

Hi Dave --

The black wax people often use is from Apiezon.  However, the recommended
stripper for this is trichloroethylene or borothene, and for safety
reasons, these are not allowed in our lab.  MEMS-talk had this message

Effective solvents for removing Apiezon. Black Wax are Xylene,Toluene (not
necessarily hot) and Chlorinated hydrocarbons such as Methylene Chloride and
Trichloroethylene.  Aliphatic hydrocarbons such as Hexane can also be used
but they are not as effective. The Wax is INSOLUBLE in  Ketones such as
Acetone and in Alcohols such as Ethanol and Iso Propanol.
Dave Summers
Technical Service Manager
Apiezon Products Ltd.

Small amount of xylenes and toluene can be used in the lab, under
appropriate handling conditions.  Hexane can be used.


Quoting davehong at aol.com:

> Dear lab members,
>     I am looking for product names and manufacturers of different types
> of waxes that can be used to protect wafers during KOH etching.  I
> understand that there is a black wax and a white wax.  What are their
> product names and where can I buy them?
>     Your feedback is much welcomed.
> best,
> Dave

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