Annual Lab Shutdown Schedule

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Nov 23 08:56:53 PST 2005

Greetings Labmembers!

The lab will be shutdown at 7 am on Friday, December 16 for annual equipment
and facilities maintenance. The lab will open again for business at 7 am on
Wednesday, January 4.  NO SNF equipment will be available for use during
this time (this includes SEM, wafersaw, etc., since this year's schedule
includes major power and air shutdowns.)

In preparation for the lab shutdown, please make sure ALL your personal
items are stored within your personal lab bin or removed from the lab (this
includes wafers-in-progress and labware on top of bins and shelves.)  Unless
you specifically notify us in advance, anything outside of a personal lab
bin will be removed from the lab as part of the annual cleanup. Bunnysuits
will all be taken down for laundry, so please make sure any personal items
stored with your suit (safety glasses, etc.) are removed or secured.

For building occupants, a complete power shutdown to the building is
scheduled for Monday, December 19.  Compressed air is scheduled
for shutdown on Tuesday and Wednesdsay (December 20-21), so please protect
your equipment accordingly.

Let us know if you have any specific questions or special needs regarding
this shutdown.  Although Maintenance and Facilities will be hard at work
making the place tidy and clean, the rest of us plan to enjoy this time off
-- and hope that you do too!

Your SNF Staff

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