Invitation to Special Lectures on Solid State Electroytes - by Dr. Hong Huang

Rainer Fasching rfasch at
Fri Nov 25 10:42:22 PST 2005

Dear Colleagues!

it is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Huang agreed to give two special lectures on solid state electrolytes with the focus on micro and nano fuel cells next week in the ME420 class for Applied Electrochemistry at Micro- and Nanoscale.

You are more than welcome to attend these two lectures.

first lecture on 11-29-05 , 10:30-12:00 will cover the basics on solid state electrolytes and the conductivity mechanisms 
second lecture on 12-01-05 , 10:30-12:00 will be focused on their applications and developments for fuel cells  

Building 320 (Braun Hall), Seminar Room 221 (2nd floor) 

Looking forward to seeing you at these lectures next week
Rainer Fasching

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