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As you know, SNF raised the lab fee rates last January in order to get the 
lab's budget into balance.  We are confident now that, with the expense 
cuts we have implemented and the new rate structure, we should have a 
balanced budget on a month-to-month basis.

SNF and NNIN would like to encourage new users of the lab, especially from 
start-up companies which may be in their initial phase and supported by 
SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants.  At the September, 2005 
SNF advisory committee meeting, a new rate structure for SBIR supported 
projects was approved.  This rate will be $110/hour up to the 30 hour 
monthly industrial cap or $3300/month. The SBIR grant users will be subject 
to notch cap rates for equipment use of more than 160 hours/month at 
$11/hour.  With the present 56% Stanford overhead rate, the totally monthly 
charge for capped SBIR grant funded users will be $5148.  This represents a 
32% reduction in the normally charged industrial rate and is effective 
October, 2005.

If your project has a valid SBIR grant, bring a copy of the paperwork to 
Maureen Baran so she can set up a new account for you which will come under 
this special rate structure.  We will need a copy of the paperwork to 
ensure that we can meet any potential government audit requirements.  By 
the way, I stressed project in the above paragraph since if a company has 
only one project with SBIR support and other work unsupported by SBIR 
grant, only the SBIR project related lab equipment time would come under 
the new rate.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Paul Rissman   
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