Nanophotonics for Communications and Medicine: Monday 4pm

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Mehmet Fatih Yanik


Nanophotonics for Communications and Medicine


Monday October 10th at 4:15pm

(Refreshments at 4pm)

Applied Physics Department Room: AP200



The use of dynamic photonic bandgap nano-structures opens exciting new
possibilities for controlling both the classical and quantum properties of
light. The spectrum of light can be molded almost arbitrarily with small
refractive index modulations, leading to unprecedented information
processing capabilities on-chip. As examples of such capabilities, I will
show how light pulses can be coherently stopped, stored, and time-reversed
with linear optics and modulators. Photonic bandgap nano-structures can
confine photons to sub-micron scale volumes, which leads to ultra-strong
enhancement of optical non-linearities. I will discuss how such
non-linearities can be used to make fast low power micron scale photonic
switches and memories. I will also show how these devices can be
systematically cascaded on-chip without optical isolators, even in the
presence of reflections. In the rest of the talk, I will introduce the
femtosecond laser nano-surgery technique which allows surgical operations
below the diffraction limit of light. I will present how this technique, for
the first time, enabled study nerve regeneration, in its evolutionarily
simplest form, by cutting nano-scale nerve connections in a tiny organism
called C. elegans, and led to very unusual observations. 





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