Construction outside CIS/CISX

Dick Crane rcrane at
Mon Oct 10 09:35:47 PDT 2005

So, what's with all the noise, fences, and construction equipment on Via 
Palou and Via Pueblo?

What we are experiencing is the facilities upgrade for the new Science 
and Engineering Quad 2 (SEQ2). Commencing in May of 2006, four new SoE 
buildings will be constructed, over an eight year period, in the space 
currently occupied by Ginzton Lab, HEPL, Gravity Probe B and the A and C 
permit parking lot at Via Ortega and Panama St. New utility conduit runs 
are being placed along Via Palou, Via Pueblo, and Via Ortega. Storm 
drains are being upgraded. The work in front of CIS/CISX should be 
complete in two months. The hackberry trees have been temporarily moved 
and will replanted back along Via Palou when construction is finished. 
Via Pueblo and Via Ortega will soon be closed for construction. The work 
schedule is being revised due to material and labor issues resulting 
from the recent hurricanes in the gulf coast.

For more details of SEQ2, please go to


Dick Crane

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