Next SNF User's Meeting - Thursday, Oct 27, 4-5pm, CIS 101

Alissa M. Fitzgerald amf at
Sun Oct 16 22:18:28 PDT 2005

Hello Labmembers,
There will be a SNF user's meeting on Thursday, Oct 27th, from 4-5 pm, in
CIS 101.  All are welcome to attend.
-Process monitoring.  We are going to discuss an action plan for how best to
implement monitoring on select tools.  If you have some interest in process
control issues, please be sure to attend this meeting.
-Spec Mat information dissemination - continue discussion
-Need for a SNF Policies page on website: several key user issues need
official clarification
-Equipment status update
Announcements from last meeting:
-CMP access is available at Ginzton
-In ~ 2 weeks, expect to have gold-contaminated FGA up
-Only 60% of innotec reservations are actually used.  This bad behavior is
drawing attention from on high.
Action items from last meeting:
-There is high interest in implementing process monitoring on some lab
tools.  Much user frustration at lost time and money due to particles, out
of spec equipment, obsolete data sheets, etc.  
-Would like to see Spec Mat information gathered on a searchable
webpage/database so that users have more information and visibility into
past approvals/denials for particular materials.  Active discussion on how
best to disseminate info.
**Mark your calendars for October 20th, a special one day event at the SNF:
"From Prototype to Product"
Hope to see you there!
Alissa Fitzgerald
Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
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