Reminder: University Oral Examination - Seth Bank (November 1, 2005 1:30PM)

Seth Bank sbank at
Mon Oct 31 07:27:29 PST 2005

>Special University Oral Examination
>Seth R. Bank
>Department of Electrical Engineering
>Stanford University
>Tuesday, November 1, 2005
>1:30 PM (Refreshments served at 1:15 PM)
>Center for Integrated Systems Extension (CISX) Auditorium (Rm. 101X)
>"High-Performance 1.55-um GaAs-Based Lasers"
>Next-generation local and metro-area optical networks require 
>high-performance lasers, detectors, and modulators operating at ~1.55 um. 
>In contrast to long-haul networks, components must be very inexpensive, 
>power efficient, and producible in high volumes - all with little 
>sacrifice to performance. Two classes of lasers are required. The first is 
>low-power (~1-10 mW) 1.55 um communication sources, such as 
>vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), that must be insensitive 
>to ambient temperature and operable at high modulation rates. The second 
>class is higher output power (>300 mW) lasers emitting at shorter 
>wavelengths (~1.48 um) for pumping Raman and doped fiber amplifiers.
>This seminar describes the development of a novel GaAs-based gain 
>material, GaInNAs(Sb), that is ideal for both applications. Material 
>growth is challenging, but optical quality can be improved dramatically 
>through the introduction of antimony and other growth enhancements that 
>will be discussed. We demonstrate the first low-threshold GaAs-based 
>lasers from 1.45-1.55 um. Laser threshold current densities are as low as 
>440 A/cm^2 -- comparable, if not superior, to commercially available 
>InP-based devices. High continuous-wave output powers >400 mW, more than 
>sufficient for amplifier applications, are achieved from even simple 
>single quantum well structures. Laser results at 1.55 um validate this new 
>materials system for use in VCSEL sources as well. Studies of the 
>temperature stability of these devices will also be presented.
>Seth Bank                       sbank at
>Doctoral Candidate              Ph:  650-725-8313
>James S. Harris Group   Fax: 650-723-4659
>Electrical Engineering
>Stanford University
>CIS-X Rm. 126X
>Via Ortega
>Stanford, CA 94305-4075
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