Fall course at ME: Applied electrochemistry at micro and nano scale (fwd)

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Sep 8 18:17:43 PDT 2005

Labmembers --

Here's an announcement for a course, being taught by fellow labmember, 
Rainer Fasching!  If you have any interest in electrochemistry,
particularly if you have any interest in  biosensors, this is for you (the
classes I sat in on last year were simply amazing...)

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Hi Mary, could you do me a favor and announce my class to the SNF community. Attached is the course syllabus.
Thank you
Rainer Fasching, Ph.D
Act. Associate Professor
Design and Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
T 650-723-1301
F 650-723-5034
rfasch at stanford.edu
PS: I think your proposal is very interesting... 

Applied Electrochemistry at Micro- and Nanoscale, ME420 (3 units)

The class is an introduction to applied electrochemistry with focus on micro- and nano scale applications.  Basic concepts of physical chemistry are presented, of which the fundamentals of electrochemistry are built. Theory of electrochemical methods for material analyses and modifications are discussed with emphasis on the scaling behaviors. Electrochemical devices such as sensors, actuators, and electrochemical-probes for scanning microscopes as well their miniaturization concepts are discussed in class. Project proposals are developed within the framework of the course with focus on current problems and needs in biology, material science, micro-fabrication and energy conversion.
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