SNF Ethics in Nanotechnology Survey

Yoshio Nishi nishiy at
Mon Sep 12 21:01:30 PDT 2005

Dear Member of the SNF and NNIN Community:

Science and technology's impacts on society can be seen and felt all
around us. This creates a strong social and ethical context for the
research activities that we pursue. Nanotechnology, which is a major
focus of the activities of SNF/NNIN users, may raise a number of social
and ethical issues and has been the subject of much discussion in the
media and in the professional literature. 

Prof. Robert McGinn at Stanford, who is a member of the NNIN team, is
conducting a very important study to explore what we in the NNIN
community believe about ethical issues related to nanotechnology. The
survey is completely confidential, does not identify individuals, and
the results will be made available to any of you who are interested. 

I strongly encourage you to complete this "ethics and nanotechnology"
survey. It is important that NNIN take nanotechnology-related social and
ethical issues seriously and this survey is one way that we are doing

To access the survey please go to

and use the password nnin2005. I ask that you help us to develop solid
knowledge about this topic. The survey will take about 20 minutes to

Thanks for your help with this valuable project.


Prof. Yoshio Nishi
SNF Director

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