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Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Sep 15 16:04:08 PDT 2005

Sorry labmembers,

Maybe I fibbed...  (like, would you read this email otherwise?)  But I 
am not lying when I say that "we NEED your feedback!"  and may very well 
continue to pester you until we do...

In all seriousness, please help us by sharing your views with us. We ask 
(beg!) you to take some time to fill out two survey forms. The SNF 
Survey Form <> is 
designed to get your input on what you think about our lab and how we 
can make it better. Your feedback will be helpful in determining where 
our priorities are, for now and the future. Your inputs will be 
summarized and posted, sometime in early October. Who knows -- maybe 
some action items will come from this (imagine:  your vote matters!)  
The Ethics and Nanotechnology Survey 
is key to an effort to build the NNIN program in this new area -- think 
about it: will your research lead to the next technical revolution? Will 
it have the legacy of penicillin or asbestos? Will it improve national 
security or will destroy privacy? Or, closer to home, what do you think 
and what do you do when you see someone cheating in the lab? These 
questions and more in the SEI survey 

As for free stuff -- yes, actually there is free stuff.  If you fill out 
these surveys, you are eligible for either:  1.  an authentic, Stanford 
red, retractable SNF ball point pen; 2.  a nifty clip-on SNF calculator 
(in Stanford red, of course.)  So please, do a favor for the labmember 
community and fill out these surveys (and then drop to pick up your 




Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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Stanford, CA  94305
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