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Sebastian J. Osterfeld sjo at
Sun Dec 3 19:54:15 PST 2006

Dear SNF Labmembers,

If you're designing your own masks, then I'm sure you all have wanted to 
work from the comfort of your home at times. I have looked at many 
possible software packages for this, and one stands out that is NOT yet 
mentioned on the SNF website. So I wanted to point out that this is a 
very good free (as in freeware) alternative for editing and creating GDS 
mask files:

LayoutEditor, which can be found here for Windows and Linux:

Main Page:
Screen shots:

I have used it on a bunch of my GDS files, and after a day or two I'm 
getting the hang of it. Features include:

- Circular & Bezier tools and geometries
- Boolean operators (A-B, B-A, etc.)
- 3D visualization, as long as you set up a dummy cell defining the 
stacking order
- Multiple aligning and snapping features (grid, point, edge, etc.)
- Scaling, growing linewidths, merging shapes, rounding corners, etc.
- Angle, Area, and Ruler measurements
- Design rules
- Reflection along arbitrary axis, etc.
- Simple keyboard shortcuts

What I am still missing over L-Edit is the ability to select multiple 
shapes with a drag box, however. Also, shape selection is a bit 
finickier than in L-Edit, i.e. you may have to go to a particular corner 
of a rectangle to select it. Otherwise it seems really good

Hope this helps! I might be able to give tips to new users.

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