Neural Interface in CMOS Technology - MEMS/mechanics seminar Wed 12/6 at 4:15

Beth Pruitt pruitt at
Tue Dec 5 14:02:24 PST 2006

Dr. Sadik Hafizovic
of ETH Physical Electronics Lab
Room 300 Bldg 300
Wed 12/6 at 4:15pm

"Neural Interface in CMOS Technology".


Microelectrode arrays are specially prepared dishes in which neural
networks can be grown or brain slices can be placed to record their
electrical activity. Additionally, activity in the cultured neurons can
be triggered by electrical stimulation.

This seminar is about the integration of a microelectrode array for
bidirectional communication with electrogenic cells like neurons or
cardiomyocytes into a CMOS chip. The cells are cultured directly on top
of the chip which features all the electronics to provide a digital data
interface. An application of the system that aims at performing
information processing with natural neuronal networks is presented.

Short Bio:

Sadik Hafizovic received his diploma degree in microsystem
technology from IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Germany in 2002.
He worked on the corresponding diploma thesis in the Tabata
Laboratories at the Ritsumeikan University, Japan. In 2002, he
joined the Physical Electronics Laboratory at the ETH Zurich in
Switzerland, where he received PhD degree in 2006 in electrical engineering
for his research on CMOS-based microelectrode arrays for neuron
interfaces and atomic-force microscopy. Currently he is working in
a post-doctoral position at the Physical Electronics Laboratory on
CMOS-based neuron interfaces for information processing with natural
neuronal networks.

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