Holiday shutdown

Dick Crane rcrane at
Tue Dec 12 14:12:26 PST 2006

CIS/CISX and lab dwellers,

It is time for the annual holiday shutdown. CIS and CISX buildings will 
be locked and heating  turned off from 5:00 PM, Tuesday, 12/19/06 until 
6:00 AM, Tuesday, 1/2/07. US mail, campus mail and delivery services 
(UPS, FedEx, etc.) will not be available during the shutdown. CIS 
receiving yard will be closed and locked. Please do not unlock or prop 
open outside doors.

There will be a building wide emergency electrical power test, which 
will include a 10 second, emergency power shutdown during transfer, some 
time from 0730 to 1200 on Monday, 12/18/06. Please plan accordingly 
(emergency power outlets have red cover plates).  The CISX and CIS 
exhaust scrubber systems will be off-line from 0700, 12/20/06 through 
1600, 12/21/06. Please remove and/or cover fume producing sources which 
are exhausted (fume hoods). All toxic and flammable gases will be shut 
down from  0700, 12/18/06 through 1600, 1/2/07. All acid waste drains 
will be shut down from 0700, 12/21/06 through 1600, 12/12/06. 

Building locked from 1700, 12/19/06 to 0600 -1/2/07.
Building heat off from 12/19/06 -1/2/07.
Emergency electrical power disruptions 12/18/06, from 0700 -1200.
Fume exhaust off from 0700, 12/20/06 to 1600 -12/21/06.
No mail or delivery services 12/19/06 -1/2/07.
All toxic and flammable gases off from 0700, 12/18/06 - 1600, 1/2/07.
All acid waste drains off from 0700, 12/21/06 - 1600, 12/12/06

Thanks and have a pleasant holiday,


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