New Year's Housekeeping and Hygiene

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Jan 4 10:37:41 PST 2006

Happy new year and welcome back!

Just a couple of concerns of note, as you return to the lab...

First, if you left any wafers, cassettes, or other personal items in the 
lab outside of your personal bins, they were removed and placed in the 
CAD room (CIS 151).  These items have been placed in large boxes labeled 
with the areas in which they were found.  If you would like to retrieve 
your items from these boxes, please do go ahead and do so, but handle 
the items in these boxes with care (they belong to your fellow 
labmembers and I'm sure you'd appreciate their careful handling of your 
belongings) and return them to their original boxes, so that their 
owners have a chance of finding them.  Please note that items that 
remain unclaimed in the next six months may be recycled or discarded. 

Second, there have been complaints from some labmembers -- and even our 
laundry service (??!?) -- about how particularly soiled and smelly some 
of our bunnysuits are.  Please note that the laundry service cannot use 
conventional detergents for washing -- instead, they use 
cleanroom-compatible surfactant.  Therefore, the laundry cannot remove 
built-up grime from clothing as well as your own washer can.  So please, 
please, please -- do the laundry sorters and our fellow labmembers a 
favor and change your bunnysuit every now and then.  Hopefully, with our 
new hanger tagging system, we should be able to cycle bunnysuits through 
faster, so that there should always be sufficient suits on hand, even in 
the event of a lab evacuation.  Remember, cleaned suits are delivered 
every Tuesday, so you might schedule your bunnysuit change accordingly.

Thanks for your attenion, and please do let us know your comments and 


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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