Yellow flammable cabinets

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri Jan 6 16:07:37 PST 2006

Hello all,

Happy new year and welcome to another year,  much better and improved.

We have purchased a small yellow flammable cabinet which now sits next  
to the other two big one.
I have  moved all the nonstandard  small chemicals to the little 
cabinet  so look for them there.
The two yellow cabinet have been divided and labeled accordingly and I 
like to keep it that way. It only took pretty much two days of Uli, Uija 
and My time so be kind and keep it nice and organize..

All the SU8 chemicals are in the secondary container on  top shelf of 
the Right yellow cabinet, I like them there and nothing else in that 
container .

All the Ebeam resist are on the right shelf of the left yellow cabinet.

Every thing has been labeled and divided as much as possible so we can 
supply enough chemicals for evenings  and weekends, so please help us.

You need to follow the rules and put things were they go, misplaced 
chemicals were be taken without notification.
The rules are still the same, nonstandard chemicals should have the ok 
from specmatt ,  the yellow label and the Bar code. You will see a lot 
more room in the cabinets and that is because Iam not quiet done with it 
. I think there are few chemicals that I still need to account for.
Any suggestion or idea is most welcome.


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