resistance of Al2O3 to HF

Huang Kevin kevhuang at
Mon Jan 9 17:12:23 PST 2006

Thanks to everyone who helped out.  It seems Al2O3 will not last long in
HF.  Then, are there any CMOS compatible oxides that can survive the HF etch
(besides silicon nitride since my wafer will have Al on it) or are there
etchants that attacks SiO2 and not Al2O3?

Thanks a lot.


On 1/9/06, Ryan Tu <ryantu at> wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> I am not sure of the exact rate, but the etch is fairly quick.  I would
> say
> at least as fast as SiO2, if not faster.  I believe you can find the etch
> rate in the literature.  There is also a link to some standard etchants on
> the CIS website that might have the information you are looking for.
> Ryan
> Quoting Huang Kevin <kevhuang at>:
> > Hi,
> >           Does anyone know what the etch rate of aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
> > is
> > in HF solution (BOE or 49% HF)?  Does it etch a lot slower than SiO2
> does
> > in
> > HF or about the same?
> >
> > Thanks for the help.
> >
> > Kevin
> >

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