Trapping Single Molecules (talk announcement)

Adam E. Cohen aecohen at
Fri Jan 20 10:08:48 PST 2006

Dear Labmembers,

    I will be giving a talk on my research in the SNF on Monday, Jan 23. 
All are welcome to attend.

Best wishes,

4:15pm, Monday, January 23, Braun Lecture Hall, Mudd Chemistry Building

Title: Trapping and manipulating individual molecules in solution

Abstract: The Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic trap (ABEL trap) is a new device
that allows a user to trap and manipulate individual fluorescent objects as
small as ~10 nm in diameter, in solution, at room temperature.  The ABEL
trap tracks the Brownian motion of a single object using fluorescence
microscopy, and then applies a feedback voltage to the solution to induce
an electrokinetic drift that exactly cancels this Brownian motion.  The
ABEL trap has been used to grab, manipulate, and study individual DNA
molecules, proteins, viruses, and nanocrystals.  The ABEL trap allows
precision single-molecule measurements; I will illustrate this with a study
of the conformational dynamics of trapped DNA.  Current work focuses on
trapping ever smaller objects and on developing statistical techniques to
glean information on molecular dynamics from the feedback voltages.

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